James Bond didn't defend the practice. He simply maintained that the more effort and ingenuity you put into gambling, the more you took out

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Brain Teaser

Exercise your word skills! Move your way down the Pyramid by making a new word from the letters of the previous one! There are six levels of words, each becoming longer by one letter as you progress down the pyramid. Only the first (three-letter) word is completed for you.

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Chuzzle Skill

Game is very nice fun and tests your brain and your mind. It chalnges you to win and do more. Makes you wan to play more and more. So get the game and buy it. The Chuzzles or fur balls get mad when you leave the mouse on them and also the laygh and get dizzy. It is very amsing to see.

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Dominoes Skill

Game is played with 24 different dominoes. The first player puts an optional domino on the table and if the sum of pips amounts to 5 or 10 he gets the corresponding number of points. The next player then puts down a domino that has to match the number of pips it meets. Add up the players’ points. The one with the most points wins.

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Extreme Dodge

Is a Fun and very Surprising Game. Knock all them out and you will score big. Each and every Opponent can result a variety of scores. The first row is worth 10 points, the second 20, and so on to the fifth row, which is worth 50 points. Hit someone twice, knock them down and get DOUBLE the standard amount of points

And much more to come!

New Method of PAYMENT:

Introducing Paypal as a payment option

Paypal - has been bought by Ebay, and no longer is offered as a source for funding casino accounts. This is a personal payment account that offers you multiple funding options. Over 15 million people in 37 countries use PayPal. Money can be sent to both PayPal and non-PayPal users. Just click on the Send Money tab and enter the recipient's email address and the payment amount. If necessary, you will have to enter a credit card in order to begin sending money instantly. Confirm the details of your Klikkaa tästäpayment and your recipient's identity. Your money is sent. The recipient immediately receives an email in their inbox notifying them of your payment. The recipient signs up or logs in. (Premier and Business Accounts get a $5 bonus for referring new users.) Your payment appears in the recipient's account balance. Your recipient can transfer the funds to a checking account, request a check, or send the funds to someone else. Casino credits purchased using PayPal will be available for use at the casino immediately.